About 4 years ago, when myspace was still the place to be, I discovered this absolutely lovely band called the honey trees on one of its pages.

I had only heard one of their songs (‘orchard’), when I fell helter-skelter in love with them. They’ve been my favourite currently existing band ever since. This is mainly because they’re not like any other group, they’re unique.

“So what makes them so unique?”, you might wonder. Honestly, I don’t know. It could be Becky’s amazing angelic voice or Jacob’s beautiful guitar strumming or the soft, dreamy songs they write.

There is just something about their songs that inspires me, that reminds me of why I love music so much.

Besides the fact that they create high quality music, they are also very nice!
I can tune in here, because about two years ago, a friend of mine’s father passed away and she was obviously going through a very rough time. Because she also a big fan of the band, I sent an e-mail to the latter to ask if they wanted to support her during this difficult process and maybe leave her a little message. They immediately responded and told me that they had already sent an e-mail to my friend and that they were happy to help as much as possible.

I was truely charmed about this! I never thought they would ever reply, but yet they did. They made time to send a Belgian fan a personal mail. My friend actually got a lot of support from that message and she and I will always be thankful for that!

So Honey trees, We love you and we hope you’ll keep making such wonderful music as you do now

I fell in love with them because of you! ❤


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