Oh, all the time, particularly in Part 2, there’s a scene where Rupert’s brother dies and the amazing thing about Rupert is that he’s a very self-contained human being. It’s very rare that you see him get emotional. The minute the camera rolls, he just becomes this other thing and he has so much, and I’m like, “Where does that come from?” Anyway, there’s a scene where he cries and I remember having to remind myself to keep acting because I just wanted to go, “You’re amazing! That was amazing!” I don’t know where he pulled it from…– Emma Watson

With Julie Waters and Rupert Grint there too, it really made me realise how great actors they are. The second time we did it, we just let rip, and on camera it looks great.– Oliver Phelps

I was just lying there and I could hear what was going on. That’s when you see how good the actors we work with are.. – James Phelps


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