Done studying and starting a creative effort

Hello there…

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I have been studying for the past month and I’m really glad it’s finally over. Now it’s only the waiting for the announcement of my grades that are keeping me on edge…

I’ve had all about 2 days of rest, and well, let’s say that they haven’t been that quiet and peaceful.

Yesterday, I had my very first class-reunion, even though I only graduated last June. I was the hostess and the party-pad was my own cozy home. I was very glad to see everybody and to be able to catch up with what everybody has been up to the last 6 months. I got a great gift from a couple of my former classmates, some beautiful flowers that are now adorning my desk (picture below).

Today I went to the youth movement I am a councilor in and we played in the snow, went sleighing and (I hope) they had a great time.

I also decided to get into photography. I already was kind of into it, in the meaning of ‘I love taking pictures’… But now I want to really know how to make really beautiful photographs, and really understand what all the buttons mean etc. I’m not planning on taking a course or something, I’m just trying out some stuff  and reading some good sites and blogs on photography.

I want to do this, because in the first place I love photography, I love the blogs that feature some really good work and I want to be able to create some gorgeous stuff myself. And I have the means, my mom has this Canon 500D which I used for an assignment and I forgot to give it back, it’s been in my room for a couple of months now, so clearly she doesn’t miss it that much. So that’s my queue to get on experimenting 🙂

Lots of love,

– Iris


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