Studying sucks :(

Dearest followers,

thanks for not letting me down during this difficult time of finals, I love you guys 🙂 

I’m currently studying History (1450-1789) and it’s not going as good as I hoped, plus I am distracted by EVERYTHING. It’s definitely time for them to end. 

It’s a habit of mine to discover new things while I’m studying, that is, for example, the way I discovered Tumblr in the first place. 

This period I have discovered: Grey’s Anatomy, and a whole bunch of blogs, movies, music and so much more. I also decided I want to make a friendship-bracelet for each of my best-friends, so as soon as the exams will be over, I’ll be all over that 🙂 I found an amazing tutorial about it: DIY Friendship bracelets.



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