Decisions, part 2..

So again, sorry for being so out of touch, I have exams (again) and there doesn’t seem to be an end to them.. 

A lot has been happening the last couple of weeks, I went to camp, for five days and it was awesome. I had a very hard time coming home early.. 

I also decided I’m going to do something else next year. Last year I was studying Art History, but I didn’t like the way they were going with it, like writing papers and doing research in library’s, it just wasn’t for me.. 

So next year I’m probably going to study to be a teacher. But I’m still not sure which courses I want to be giving. At first I was thinking about Art, but my parents aren’t really fond of that choice, and I have no idea if I’m talented enough… 

So at the moment I’m thinking either English and Dutch, or English and History, or English and Dutch… 

It’s a hard decision. 


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