Review: Blackfish





Blackfish is an amazing documentary that tells the story of Tilikum. A killer whale that has been the cause of at least three deaths since he had been captured in Iceland.

The documentary delves deeper into the depths of Seaworld and explores what you don’t get to see when you go for a visit.
These animals have gallons and gallons of ocean when they are in the wild. But in Seaworld they are kept in tanks that are maybe a thousand times smaller!
The first park Tilikum ever lived in, even kept these giant creatures in tiny little containers. Completely blacked out from every sound, light, just about any stimulation. It really is no wonder these animals start showing neurotic, psychopathic tendensies.
We learn in this piece of art how savage these animals are in nature, how they form life long connections to there familymembers, how they have an extra part in their brain, solely for feeling emotions. These are things we can learn from as humans.

This movie really was a revelation to me. I’ve watched it about ten times already and it keeps tugging at my heart strings. These animals really shouldn’t be kept in tiny tanks.

How would you feel if you had been stuck in a tiny box for the majority of your life?

I really respect the people that came forward in this documentary to expose the real issues parks like Seaworld try to push out of the way.
A few former-employees and trainers talked in this brilliant work about what was really going on.
The entire film leads up to the death of star-trainer Dawn Brancheau, which was really heart-breaking. Especially when Seaworld officials came out afterwards to tell the media that it was her own fault. That shows lack of respect in my opinion. She isn’t even here anymore to defend herself!

This documentary was really an eye-opener for me as an animallover, as an environmental-activitst and as a human being. When are we going to start acting as humans, instead of acting like we are God and can do everything we feel like.
This work demonstrates that humanity is still in it’s baby shoes.

When will we grow up?

Further reading: 

“The Killer in the Pool”
This is an amazing article, it’s a bit long, but really worth while if you are interested in this topic!

“Why Blackfish is misleading, unoriginal and ‘stupid'”

On a more critical note I wanted to add this article about some things that were portrayed unrealistically in the film. You should always view things from both ways. Be critical!

Official website: 

Black Fish

For more pictures, information.


Disclaimer: all pictures etc are taken from the Blackfish-website link in this post. None are of my own making. 



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