Dagen zonder Vlees



Dit jaar is het derde jaar dat ik meedoe aan het concept Dagen zonder Vlees. Aangezien we momenteel al aan dag 24 zitten, dus al ruim over de helft, vond ik het toch dringend tijd dat ik hierover iets zou melden op de pas opnieuw opgestarte blog.

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Review: Blackfish





Blackfish is an amazing documentary that tells the story of Tilikum. A killer whale that has been the cause of at least three deaths since he had been captured in Iceland.

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Unexpected surprises

I just came across this beauty on Tumblr.

Made my night. I’ll translate it for the non-Dutch speaking people among us:

Nothing to see here. 

The thing you are looking for isn’t at this address for the moment. Unless, of course, you were looking for this page with the Error, in that case: congratulations, you found it! 


ps: The thing was actually spinning!

A Whole New Beginning


Soooo, this is like the hundredth time I decided to start blogging, but this will be it!

My name is Iris, I’m 20 and at a point in my life where I’m not sure about how I will go on. I’m currently in a subject in school that I don’t want to pursue in the future, so for the second time in my semi-adult life I am debating on switching majors.

This is kind of a crossroads in my life and thus the perfect moment to start something new.


I have been an avid blog-reader for about a year now, definitely addicted to a couple of them. And now I feel like I am ready to begin something for myself.

The plan is to post at least 2-3 times a week. These posts will include: reviews of make-up, books, music, films, series, personal posts, DIY’s, … (ideas are always appreciated)

I am still considering the language I will be posting in: either English or Dutch (my mother tongue).

I hope there will be at least a little bit of an audience for my little project, enjoy reading!


– Iris

Decisions, part 2..

So again, sorry for being so out of touch, I have exams (again) and there doesn’t seem to be an end to them.. 

A lot has been happening the last couple of weeks, I went to camp, for five days and it was awesome. I had a very hard time coming home early.. 

I also decided I’m going to do something else next year. Last year I was studying Art History, but I didn’t like the way they were going with it, like writing papers and doing research in library’s, it just wasn’t for me.. 

So next year I’m probably going to study to be a teacher. But I’m still not sure which courses I want to be giving. At first I was thinking about Art, but my parents aren’t really fond of that choice, and I have no idea if I’m talented enough… 

So at the moment I’m thinking either English and Dutch, or English and History, or English and Dutch… 

It’s a hard decision. 

Want Want Want

Want Want Want

Why am I such a romantic?
I fell in love with this necklace, and I would love to get one with a W on it, the initial of my boyfriend. They are currently on sale at Urban Outfitters and I can’t go.. 😦
So if anyone reads this that is going to Antwerp anytime soon and knows me, get me one! I’ll be eternally grateful.